Letter to the teachers


Dear Headmaster,
Multimedia Representatives and Teachers.
We wish to submit to Your attention the initiative "The Taste of Learning", an innovative contribution to the training offer for the scientific education in the European school.

New languages through new tools

The project "The Taste of Learning" constitutes a real novelty in the education field of health and well-being. An innovative formula that wants to invest on the school for the future for the active citizen of the third millennium.
An educational intervention in the field of health and healthy eating, that takes into account the modern means of communication which allows to multiply quality and quantity of messages and stimuli conveyed through multimedia. In recent years we have seen, from the school, a major effort to modernize the didactic tools and, relating to this,

"LIM - Interactive Multimedia Blackboard"

is assuming particular relief. From 2010 "the Mediterranean diet is an Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of Unesco." The Guardianship Consortium of PROVOLONE VALPADANA cheese wants to offer, through the initiative "The Taste of Learning", a simple but revolutionary teaching proposal, reserved to the middle school and which integrates the existing project already addressed to primary school.
The scientific committee of the project has thus decided to face the theme of nutrition in the most transversal way, so as to involve students to become more responsible and aware of the choice of products to buy and eat. A set of experiments and laboratories that use the principles of physics and the basics of biology, animations that make science easily understandable and fascinating: these are just some of the aspects that make the project interdisciplinary and suitable for middle school students.
In this way a rich and articulated information can be offered to the world of food and nutrition in an organic and innovative approach. A copious text collection, laboratories, games, grates, images, courses, sounds, territories, history, traditions, art, puzzle, science, food safety, educational courses, disciplinary production of types and quality certifications, image bookstore, videos, animations, to which every teacher will be able to gain access and free of charge, starting from any point of the materials available. In this way, each teacher will be able to articulate the teaching proposal that is suitable to the training needs of their class, by accessing the contributions deemed functional.

Why a project with the LIM?

Because this is the principal innovative technological tool introduced in the schools of Europe. The LIM is an opportunity for the teachers, as it enables them to manage the work in the classroom in a much more efficient way and to provide pupils multimedia and interactive materials, which activate their skills allowing multi sensory approaches particularly functional.
At the same time, it pushes the school towards institutional renewing of the educational courses through which is created process of teaching/learning.
it is not a coincidence that this tool is particularly useful for the disabled pupils and for those who have great difficulties in the traditional way of learning. They can take advantage of multimedia approaches, more interesting and able to stimulate different intelligence. It also allows an optimization of the performance of the teacher, thanks to the richness of the training proposal, conveyed in unit time of the lesson.

The LIM problem

The use of a strongly innovative tool, as the LIM, brings potential difficulties as well. One of the problems linked to the use of the LIM in the schools is the availability of its contents.

The solution

An international staff of teachers and tutor has prepared a series of contributions and benefits specifically designed and optimized for the world of the LIM. Their easy use allows great flexibility of this initiative, facilitating the inclusion in school programs of any European country, according to the educational needs of each teacher.
To access to the project you can visit the site www.ilgustodiimparare.it, click on the chapter "the materials", register yourself and follow the instructions to download all the contents, free of charge. You can also join the community visiting the Facebook page.

The internationalization

Europe is not an abstract entity but a concrete reality and lives in a moment when it becomes a daily experience of exchange of sharing cultural and training that unites people and different countries.
Knowledge and exchange, mutual exploitation, investment on training processes: these are some of the reasons that have animated us in the preparation of the present proposal in a virtuous way of food awareness. The perspective is that of a progressive internationalization of the curriculum.
The argument relating to the training for a healthy diet finds, in the Expo 2015 held in Italy, an unmissable opportunity and a cultural legitimacy.

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