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The project involves the construction of educational contributions to the computerized lessons for the primary school and, simultaneously, to control the diffusion of the same through a communication channel with the teaching staff involved.


2)The objectives
3)The new tools
4)Why the LIM again
5)The internationalization
6)The project
7)The operations
8)The staff
9)Duration of the project



Thanks to the results achieved by the previous project, this further development wants does bring with it and divulge all contents and values related to the Mediterranean Diet, proclaimed an Immaterial Cultural Patrimony of the Unesco. Obesity rates in the European population, especially in children and adolescents, are increasing. This is also why it is the moral duty, on the part of us, to intervene in order to bring the right balance in the field of nutrition. Traditionally the food education was taught in the family, where the social and domestic values of the daily consumed foods were transferred by one generation to another. Today, the school is surely the only social institute that can accomplish the task to educate and assist the family towards a process of acquisition and enhancement of food culture.

2)The objectives

The main objectives are:

- to promote a culture of healthy eating culture among young consumers;

- to stimulate the awareness of the importance of food-health relationship in order to develop a consciousness of food;

- to promote the knowledge of the food-farming system through the understanding of the existing relationships among productive systems, alimentary consumptions, environment and society;

- to promote the cross-fertilization of nutrition education on the historical, scientific, geographic, cultural, anthropological, social and psychological aspects related to the relationship with food;

- valuing local products protected by a valuable European mark;

- to transmit the knowledge of the milk industry that is from the stable to the establishment;

- to know the historical, traditional, cultural bonds between the product and the territory.

Objectives for a new, vast, European community.

3)The new tools

Internet for teaching and learning but also Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp that, with undeniable problems related to the virtualization experience and the spread of the so-called "fast thinking", that allow to multiply the quality and quantity of the messages and the incentives communicated through the multimedia. These new tools introduce many advantages like:

- high-level of interactivity easily accessible;

- expansion of the communicative possibilities with other members of the class;

- easy access to educational material;

- simplification during the process of production and modification of the new educational material;


4)Why the LIM again

Today the LIM is still the main computer tool in the Italian schools and in almost all European schools. To be honest, there are also experimental projects that use the tablet as a tool of diffusion of the contents, nevertheless the textual contents not produced for the most important production houses of LIM, are also visible on the tablet. We can certainly affirm that, regarding the primary schools or comparable schools, today the LIM is and still remains the principal innovative technological tool introduced by the Ministry of Education in the Italian schools and of the correspondent European organisms.

The LIM is an opportunity and a challenge for the teachers. An opportunity because it helps to organize work in the classroom more efficiently; making the multimedia interactive educational material available to pupils, that activate theirs and the students’ skills, using innumerable sources and digital resources.

The main problem, remains the standardization of the contributions, their availability, but especially their indexing and therefore their cataloging.

Basically there are, online, a series of contributions, not homogeneous, not catalogued and not standardized, therefore, unusable in a structured way, above all, by those not familiar with the research tools.

Actually, the necessary tools are scarce or not available for the teachers to acquire the basics for using the interactive blackboards (tutorial).

The school, therefore, has the tools (LIM) but not the structured content for the lessons necessary for the various educational plans.

Our proposal is aimed at resolving the above mentioned problems, or rather to think, to produce, to test and to distribute to the schools courses to train the teacher and contributions for the various LIMs, in form of "learning object", catalogued and easily usable.

Our staff of teachers and tutors have prepared, in a perfect way respecting the guidelines dictated by the Ministry of Public Education, a working group aimed at laying out a series of contributions and benefits studied and optimized expressly for the world of the LIM.

The preparation of these "lessons", specifically suitable for the teachers demands, allows a great visibility of the project and an high level of acceptance of the initiative, facilitating the preparation of its insertion in the schools program.

The use of models of communication close to the teachers necessities allows to overcome the natural distrust of that part of the teaching staff more closely tied to traditional methods.

5)The internationalization… not only an economic purpose

The internationalization, as a principle, has not only an economic purpose but also embodies an important organizational, social and cultural dimension. The structure involved in this operation must reconstruct "on the spot" a network of relations, reproducing relationships within the schools, with the surrounding territory and with the same origin of territory. But the greatest challenge is creating a new common culture drawing to new resources and providing new skills with the purpose of activating the incentives and the motivations that often are not part of those countries heritage. Conversely you can understand different lifestyles, learn various notions of other cultures totally different from ours, they get important information about different types of alimentation but above all they succeed in establishing human contacts among individuals of different nationalities.


6)The project

As with the previous projects, it is useful to realize a shared path in full compliance with ministerial directives is useful, not only aimed to the mere supply of materials, but also to the creation of a community managed, that supports the interested users through recommendations and suggestions, as to create a continuous connection point. Maintaining active the current portal we decided to implement it with 6 new courses (5 teaching and 1 technical-practical). Our intent is to propose the project to the entire national territory, and contemporarily, also in Spain, France and Belgium and to make it even more "European" to translate all the contents, in addition to French and Spanish, also in English. In this way, we can actually define "The Taste of Learning" a European project in all aspects.


7) The operations

The operations to be realized:

1. Setting up a working group made up of teachers that have as an objective the textual layout of the key points of the project, that is:

- the individualization of the possible topics divided into the various subjects

- conceptual realization of the multimedia contributions to be used for the compilation of individual teaching lessons.

2. Updating the website, necessary for the illustration of the project and for the disclosure of the various LIM contributions;

3. Continuation of the relationship, through the web, with the teachers that have previously shown sensibility and attention to the project "Provolone Valpadana cheese in Lim-Taste and Knowledge", in the time and manner appropriate to achieve the objective, that is also outside the set times usually defined as "working";

4. Updating the Facebook page dedicated to the project, inserting information and discussions about educational projects, using the relationships developed so far and increasing them with new knowledge, thus activating a sort of indirect "promotion" to the new website;

5. Promotion to the project "The Taste of Learning" through the participation of the various forums on the web devoted to LIM contributions and/or plans;

6. Realization of a campaign on Google Adwords in which the website is valorized and underlined in support of the project;

7. Realization of a campaign on Facebook finalized by a high visibility of the new Facebook page;

8. Collection of suggestions, opinions and implementations, in feedback with the teachers, for possible new campaigns;

9. Realization of four new educational chapters, in synthesis:

“THE NEW OBESITY” The increasing rates of obesity, require the ability of the kids, to control their diet by reducing the intake of snacks and other high-calorie foods, or the so-called junk food. The excessive consumption of these foods causes an imbalance in the production of dopamine, with serious consequences such as: addiction, discomfort, boredom and frustration, symptoms attributable to the use of real drugs. Understanding how food is born, grown and produced, such as fruit, vegetables and dairy products is an essential tool for the nutrition education of the children. The establishment of educational farms throughout Italy, puts the student in direct contact with the production chain, promoting the pursuit of quality and genuineness. The importance of milk and its products: "good foods" that at the same time are also healthy. To prevent the onset of diseases such as obesity, it is necessary, in addition to eat healthy products, to renounce sedentary lifestyles and to practice adequate physical activity.

In general terms:

1) Junk food as a way of life

2) No to natural drugs

3) Educational farms and food education

4) The healthy choice


“MAN AND NATURE, A SUSTAINABLE ALLIANCE” From what the animals provide to what makes our Earth available, the only fundamental common denominator is "the natural food": but does the adjective "natural" always mean "good and healthy"? It is important to understand that the best food is of high quality, treated with the correct methodologies and with certain provenance. Each species, plant or animal, plays a fundamental role in the ecosystem and helps the environment to maintain its equilibrium: this is why it is essential to preserve biodiversity, with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of life forms and preventing catastrophic extinctions. The astronomical and biological cycles change our habits during the year: it is better to choose seasonal foods and products, without preservatives, healthier and cheaper. One way to improve seasonality is the conservation of food: it is important to understand the cold chain and the operation of the refrigerator to preserve foods better.

In general terms:

1) Only natural foods

2) The biodiversity

3) Food conservation

4) Cycles and seasonality


“FOOD, A CULTURE” The fast-paced lifestyle of our days is changing the way we eat. It is therefore necessary to regain our space in terms of time and food, reducing stress levels. The food, through the various ages, has always been an important pictorial subject until becoming a vehicle for communication to transmit messages and allegories. In addition to painting, food is often associated with music: traditional songs are used to pass on popular culture and even today there are many songs inspired by food. In religions, food is not only a means of subsistence of the body, but is also seen as food of the soul: sacred texts contain many recommendations, impositions and prohibitions on food consumption.

In general terms:

1) The new culture

2) Food in painting

3) Traditions and traditional songs inspired by food

4) The value of food in religions


“LABORATORY:THE SUPERMARKET, THE STORE, THE FACTORY OUTLET AS EDUCATIONAL LAB” Today it is important to know how to make a critical analysis of advertising, to know the cultural mechanisms that hide behind the advertising message. It is necessary to know how to evaluate products not only on TV or in newspapers: it is necessary to acquire basic knowledge on how to present products in supermarkets and learn how to defend themselves against misleading advertising. The label is the fundamental tool to get to know a product: it is essential to learn how to read the contents and to investigate to discover all the hidden features of the products. Not only labels, but also nutritional tables: they allow us to know the attributes of different foods, with reference to the nutritional and merchandising aspects, their conservation and their best use.

In general terms:

1) Reading messages

2) I introduce myself, I am the product

3) The new Sherlock Holmes

4) Only the real truth

10. Translation, in English, of all the contents in the current website except for the audio-video contributions;

11. Translation, in French and Spanish, of all the contents in the current website, except for audio-video contributions.


8)The Staff


Following, are the staff required for the hypothetical realization of the project:

n.05 teachers who teach at primary schools of first degree, selected taking into consideration:

- the computer abilities and experiences;

- the preceding experiences in the sector LIM;

- the preceding experiences on the various socials network;

- the experiences and the abilities in the thread and blog management;

- the propensity to develop new interpersonal relationships.

n.03 computer technicians selected taking into consideration:

- the preceding experiences matured in the sector of the promotion on Google AdWords systems;

- the preceding experiences matured in the sector of the promotion on Facebook;

- the abilities of intervention on indexing SEO;

- the abilities to modify the contents of the actual website;

- the abilities to operate on Prometean and Smart.

n. 03 mother tongue translators

n. 01 project coordinator

9) The project Duration

Until the 31/12/2020.

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